Golden Goodness | About
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About Us

As a child I can remember getting perm relaxers to try and tame my thick, coarse, brittle, and extremely dry hair. After many years of maintaining damaged hair as an adult, I decided to do a “big chop”, which simply means I cut all of my relaxed hair and no longer added the chemical treatment to my hair. 6 months later, from the pure frustration of not knowing how to care for my hair in its natural state, I resorted back to what was familiar… that’s right, the perm relaxer. Natural hair products were expensive, and did not keep my hair moisturized for more than an hour. Realizing that I just needed to learn HOW to properly care for my hair, I tried the entire process over again, but looked to nature to help me find the things I would need to ensure the health, growth and adequate moisture I would need. Along the way, our family decided that it was time to make some changes, recognizing the creams, oils, and other cosmetic products we routinely used on our skin and hair had chemical ingredients that were not favorable, thus “Golden Goodness” products were created!